By some back-of-the-envelope estimates, around 0.2–0.5 percent of the world’s land surface is covered in roads.


CRISPR-Cas9, the genome editing technique discovered in 2014, is at the forefront of this newfound potential for innovation. Yet the vast majority of robots in the world around us are nothing like this; instead, they’re specialized for...

In 1986, a power surge during a safety test of the reactor at Chernobyl caused a catastrophic explosion.

There is a huge amount of public interest in the possibilities provided by this new genome editing technology, and many are hoping CRISPR could eventually...

The field of artificial intelligence goes back a long way, but many consider it was officially born when a group of scientists at Dartmouth College got together for a summer, back in 1956. We’re standing on the threshold of extraordinary capability in synthetic biology. In all likelihood, you just pictured a sleek metallic or chrome-white humanoid.

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